- Boycott RIAA Main Mon, 09 Apr 2012 15:52:06 +0000 en hourly 1 Genomma Lab; Mexican Pharmaceutical business producing waves in international scene Wed, 14 Mar 2012 10:48:25 +0000 It really is unusual distinction for any pharmaceutical firm centered in Mexico to realize distinction in really competitive global marketplace, but Genomma Lab Intercontinental has achieved it with amazing success. The achievement is just due for the company’s commitment to offer the most beneficial products in pharmaceuticals and dermatological goods. This is also owing for the company’s financial commitment in Groundwork & Development which is backbone of successful pharmaceuticals.

Genomma Lab is headquartered in Mexico City and has already spread its operations in several countries like USA, Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Columbia. It is not a mean achievement for a Mexican corporation. The provider specializes in Over The Counter drugs, personal care merchandise and cosmetics and these merchandise face fierce competition from international giants in pharmaceutical sector. This innovative and young Mexican company is set to make mark in the intercontinental scene with its reliance on high quality study and development laboratory to bring out high quality and trustworthy items and is quite successful so far.

You can find the products and solutions of Genomma Lab in all the supermarket shelves around the country. The highly popular names like ANST-K, Alliviax and Tio Nacho are the products and solutions developed by this innovative Mexican corporation. The firm is involved in all the steps to make the drugs available to public; from Study and development to manufacturing, logistics and distribution of the product from labs to stores shelf. The provider has repeated the same achievements in thirty countries where its drugs and other products and solutions are introduced and it has set higher targets to expand to more countries.

Genomma lab has based mostly its success on high quality groundwork and The Center for Innovation and technological Development (CIEDT), a investigation laboratory employing the services of renowned scientists to develop drugs that give safe and effective medications. CIEDT can be generating great strides in design and development of herbal medicinal plants and sure to revolutionize worldwide marketplace with herbal medicines. The organization sets aside generous amounts for exploration and new product development on continual basis.

Elaborate testing of each of the raw materials and analysis of processes to yield scientifically proven safety and efficacy. Besides, the raw materials are procured from world class companies with ISO 9001 certification and are subjected to strict norms of quality control to ensure consistently high quality of items for which the provider is recognized.

Genomma Lab has realized the trustworthy name and high customer satisfaction levels. That is made possible by taking customer regular feedback and implementing their suggestions and criticisms. The manufacturing processes and quality checks in all the stages of production and final analytical tests before shipping ensure that the customers get the safe and effective items. It truly is not surprising that this young company from Mexico is producing its mark on international markets by already exporting to more than 30 countries.

Genomma Lab has won the hearts of Mexicans by its commitments of social responsibility by its donations to Genomma Foundation that is striving to improve the quality of life of people with low incomes. Genomma Lab has received well deserved acclamation and recognition for its welfare work.

Genomma Lab is a shining example of how a Mexican provider, by its sheer commitment has reached great accomplishment in intercontinental industry and is striving to fulfill its social responsibilities also.

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